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[488 Ponce De Leon Drive

Hot Springs Village Arkansas 

Kitchen Open Daily  From 11:30 to 9:00​

Last Chance Lakeside Cafe

April 23rd--April 29th

Lunch Specials


Monday: Ham and Swiss on Rye

Tuesday: Steak Quesadilla

Wednesday:​ Fried Chicken Sandwich

Thursday: Pulled Pork Sandwich

Friday: Cuban Sandwich 


Saturday: Blackened Chicken Po' Boy

Sunday: Turkey Club Wrap

​Early Bird Specials until 5pm

April 23rd--April 29th

Dinner Specials

​Monday: Flat Iron Steak

Tuesday: Chicken Tacos with Spanish Rice, Tortilla chips, Fried onions and a Avocado lime sour cream

Wednesday: All you can eat Catfish

Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Friday:  Chef's Choice

Saturday: BBQ Beef Brisket with BAked and beans and Corn on the cob

​​Sunday: Beef Stroganoff

And WEstern Museum